Our lives change continually, and with those changes, our needs change too. Perhaps you’ve just had your first child and your home is suddenly short of a spare bedroom, or you’ve started your own company and need a study or home office? You don’t have to move out of your beloved home, or the neighbourhood you know so well – you can renovate. Or, if you do decide to move, a small renovation could repay itself tenfold by increasing the value of your home.  Whether you want to renovate your home to suit you, or make changes to boost its resale value, Homemaster has you covered.

We understand that you might be a first-time homebuyer and probably didn’t take into account things like a growing family, or might not have considered a design error when purchasing a house. These are common, but fear not, we’re here to help you in every way.

Nothing beats an architecturally designed home that meets your needs – a home that improves the quality of your lifestyle. A house not only designed to increase the value of your home but built with experience and efficiency. These are some of the qualities that we pride ourselves in. With extensive design and building experience, we focus on the unique merits of our clients’ needs without compromising on the size of projects we take on.

At Homemaster, our renovation and extension services include:

  •    Second-storey extensions
  •    Bespoke building projects
  •    Open and contemporary interior revamps
  •    Decks and patios
  •    Small inner suburb site extension and renovations
  •    We build Hampton, Colonial, Queenslander, Contemporary and Traditional home designs

Our expert designers and builders will transform any living space into a modern-day outdoor oasis so you can enjoy Brisbane’s exceptional climate with family. A well designed and built patio or outdoor entertainment area will change how you live. Giving you and your family even more opportunities to have fun with each other and friends.

Above all, we guarantee speed, efficiency and responsiveness on every project we take on. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and work to exceed expectations.

Get in touch with us for custom design or planned home design and renovations today!